Avexir 32gb 1600mhz Review

Hello Everyone, I shall be doing a little Review on the 32gb Avexir Core Series Memory I received.

My testing setup is my Main gaming rig, my specs are…

i7 2600k stock settings 3.4ghz (3.8ghz Turbo Boost)
Asus Maximus IV Extreme P67 B3rev
Antec Kuhler H20 620 CPU Cooler
2x Asus GTX 560ti in SLI
Coolermaster HAF X Case
Corsair HX 850 PSU
Western Digital Caviar Black WD1002FAEX 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5″
Avexir Core Series DDR3 1600mhz XMP 10-10-10-24 Quad Channel 32gb Kit

So to just jump right in.

Avexir has been under the map over the years, and now are starting to take that push to become more well known.
I was able to receive a sample to do a review on which was quite awesome taking it from a Gamers perspective which most do not do.

This 32gb Avexir Core Series Quad Channel kit runs at DDR3 1600 (800mhz) XMP 10-10-10-24 @1.5v (8gbx4)

The one thing I loved the most was when I opened CPU-Z and seeing my name as a Part Number for the Memory sent from them. I Found that awesome just in General Hah.

All I know is that I have to Quote a Certain person at Avexir and say “Thats what I call Custom Made” because honestly they do not even have to do that.

From that Image, you can see some of the other Timings and Frequency’s you can obtain with the memory, with the XMP as well ect.

Now for the Pictures!

Here is the Packaging that the Memory came in, showing the Memory Lighted up and all the goodness it holds.

Here’s a picture showing the memory their self on the box they came in, as I do love how they included the Plastic protector on the memory that Avexir refers as “gold finger protector” because you don’t see them really anymore these days.
The fact this memory lighting does not effect the height at all really is a solid plus as many manufacturers these days are making tall bulky heat spreaders.
But of course the Avexir cutout also lights up which is also looking pretty cool in my books. Simple and not in your face.
Also the black aluminum heatspreaders are just awesome which can look great in any setup.

Now for the good part, How it looks installed!
I received a kit that Pulses, so I took a pic when all 4 were lit almost at the same time.

To me as a gamer which this review is based upon, Most gamers like to Personalize their computer with something, and the lighting from this memory is perfect for that.
They do not make some Fancy heatsync that’s necessarily not needed, They do the job, as well as make it appealing to the customers.
By adding the Lighting system on the Memory, Avexir allows customers to find the memory suited to their taste in both Performance and Looks, which also spices up the way their rig looks in the long run making that Satisfying feeling.

Now as for some minor stuff before some testing I do, I’m going to say this…

The Lighting on the memory is a bit loose, but does not make a difference, it stays on and wont come off, It could be like that for a reason but its no problem at all for the memory.
I also received 32gb which is 16gb more then ANY gamer would ever need, so Ive done some things to Utilize the extra memory and put it to use, as my Windows also does not support past 16gb as I need windows 7 PRO Or higher, because I use Windows 7 Home Premium and max limit is 16gb.

Now to get back into things, I’m no overclocker, or a reviewer, I am a gamer, and just having a good quality product in my computer is enough for me, and being able to customize things like the lighting just gives it that gaming rig feel.

You guys may say 32gb is overkill for a gamer, Yes that is correct. I personally can use only a max of 12gb on my hardcore gaming sessions and things sometimes like dual boxing/tri boxing/quad boxing games ect. which I rarely do, I was able to utilize the rest of that memory.

Also, as I said, Im no overclocker, but with the help from Boss Mac Suba from Back2Gaming, I was able to achieve a better timings.
Which I also thank for the help.

For some Aida64 stuff, I did XMP and the Cas9 Timings I achieved.

Here’s the XMP Benchmark

Here’s the cas9 Benchmark

Now with the Cas9 I was still able to do it on 1.5V so that was great.

As you can see I gained some and Lost some performance, but Numbers are not always correct as I found out during the years, it’s more of just something you can physically see.

So I thought I would share what I was able to do with free memory I cant use with my current windows and just in general, as well as what it did for me. =)

So im going to show you my CrystalDiskMark Readings before I put the memory to use.
First picture is my Hard drive without Memory Caching.

Now, Im going to show you the scores with two Different Timings settings. XMP and My timings I set for Cas9

So, Even if you get some more Memory then needed you can still do things like Cache your Hard drive, as well as Make a Ram Disk. Avexir so far proving to be good at it =).
Automatically noticed a difference in loading after ram cache and must say, its nice to have Regardless of how Little it may be in reality, Its enough to still make a difference currently.
You would actually see the performance gains more in a Ram Disk, but with no Software to do so that’s stable as well as able to keep things on it without having to pay I could not test it out, but I have heard good things about ram disk, as it out performs SSD’s easily.

Sometime down the line I may get a windows upgrade to pro/ultimate to utilize more then 16gb, so I can also put more memory towards the Write cache if I continue to currently use Fancy Cache, but with things still being in Beta, I decided to use it for this review only atm.
I did use it over 2 weeks and I did see a performance gain slightly, but it would be nice to use the Invisible memory as write as well which is currently not supported.
I may not be no overclocker but I think this speaks for its self just for General usage for those who have too much memory and find something to utilize it with.

Regardless, I found my experience so far with Avexir awesome, No problems, Was able to do things easily, No setup problems, great support when I asked, and a friendly company.

I was honored to be able to do a Review as I cant meet any Overclocking needs.
The fact I was able to obtain Cas9 at Stock voltage as well was great.
I’ve had nothing but good come from this memory so far, and Appreciate being able to do so and do a gamers view on this memory with some tweaking involved to show what it can do.

Overall I would give it a 5/5 It’s just some Darn good Memory.
To back all of this up they offer a Life time warranty which states “All AVEXIR module series are covered by a lifetime warranty.”
“NOTE: Please note that after AVEXIR issues a product’s “END-OF-LINE” (E.O.L.) notice, AVEXIR will offer a comparable substitute product instead of repairing the item under warranty.”

Of course, read up on the rest of their warranty as everyone knows No one warrantys something YOU did which can be located here.

So once again I would like to thank Avexir to give me this Opportunity.

Hope you all enjoyed this review as I currently try to keep Member reviews going!

Feel free to ask any questions if I may have missed something you would like to know and I shall do my best to answer.


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