ModRight Blackout Cables Review

Hello Everyone, as you have noticed, I’ve started doing some Member Reviews here and there and so I bring to you another ModRight Product, Thanks to FrozenCPU.
Today It’s the ModRight Black-Out Series of Cable Extensions.
Posted Image

from the picture Above, I was sent Quite a few cables I personally would not be able to use Currently, but I have taken the time to Just show you how many there are, as not one of them are the same so I used different lengths for the same cables.
Trust me, They have practically everything you can think of for just a regular Add-on cable to a extension cable.
They offer a HUGE Variety of cables for this Series and is quite impressive.
I saw they do not keep the cables Attached to each other like Standard PSU cables are and I like that about them, and by that I mean where you can tear the cable apart from the other ect.

Here’s their product Description:
The ModRight Black-Out Series is all black connectors, all black wire, and all black construction!
The ModRight Black-Out Series was created to cut right to the chase. No one really wants to see wire cable colors. Furthermore some people don’t want to sleeve their cables or pay more for pre-sleeved cables. They simply want a cable that functions and doesn’t distract from the rest of the hardware. Then steps in the Black-Out Series! The all black design will disappear in your case sending power and data where you need it without drawing attention to itself! The best part is these cables are priced right!

Well with that sort of description, I must say it is Spot On!

What ModRight Has done is just make some Plain Completely black cable extensions for those who dont like Sleeved cables but also dont like the Colors that come Standard on Powersupplys.
I just hate the colors they put on power supply cables and as well as the sleeving, as it bunches the cables up, and in fact if you remove the sleeving can cause you to void your warranty with some Manufacturers.
Well the Black-Out Series from ModRight does what it should do, Extend your Cables if they are too short, Allow you to put everything onto one connector, or even just simply make the cables Blacked Out.
It’s just Straight black all around, no frills no thrills, Just the straight black that you want, Not even Heatshrink to make people look away from the cables.
Of course though, for something like the 3pin to 9x 3pin Y Cable and others similar theres heatshrink on the molex 4pin area for some just so that the cables have a good secure starting area and dont go all over the place.

Just for you to see the thickness of a few cables, I am showing you 4 different cables, a 24pin extension,6pin pci-e extension, a 3x to 9x3pin extension and a 4pin molex to 4pin Y extension, to show they are just normal wire size, including how the Fan/3pin extensions are small thin wires like they would be not sleeved.
Posted Image

So to get to the point…
The ones I used in this review are the following…
24pin ATX Extension 12″
6pin PCI-E Extension Cable 12″
6pin PCI-E Extension Cable 18″
4pin molex to 3x 3-Pin Y Cable Splitter 24″
8pin 12v EPS Extension Cable 12″
4-Pin Molex to 2x Sata Power Adapter Cable 12″ (put in incase I put a Blu-ray drive in with existing DVD Drive)

(I forgot to add the Sata Power Adapter Cable in as It was a last minute decision :-\ )
Posted Image

Just to show the Length of one of the cables, I chose to do the 24inch 24pin ATX Extension. Its a bit more then 24inches, giving you a little headroom, it’s better to have a little more then a little less in some cases.
Posted Image

Now, As you can see from the pictures below, I have a pretty messy case…Especially with Stock PSU Cables, it just looks plain bad…
Im always taking stuff apart and putting new stuff in or swapping stuff out.
Cables are always a hassle and every time I just change something different due to lengths of cables, or I just did not like how it looked.

Posted Image Posted Image

Heres another picture just showing all my cables undone and how much I had.
Posted Image

Now, With the cables, Of course being as simple as Plugging in existing cables into them, I was able to Make it look Quite better inside and Behind.
I also was able to remove a few cables from my PSU due to some of the add-on extensions such as 4pin molex to Sata and what not, being able to get rid of double cables ect.
I can finally get some cables to my Ziptie areas built into the case, Releaving stress on them, as well as just overall packed into more of one area and allow easier back panel Closing.

Posted Image Posted Image

I would like to note:
They DO offer Longer cables, ranging from around 12″ all the way up to 48″ (cable size varies per type)
I think some of the Longer cables are unneccessary, but Im just a Regular user, I dont case mod or any of that, so these cables for people with big Builds they are creating, or just have a Huge case and want a Certain type of cable management go ahead they make them!
Cables like 8pin EPS does not have 4pin EPS options and hide the other 4 pins, same with the 8pin pci express meaning if you have a 6pin but bought a 8pin that 8pin will not work for you.
They do make PCI Express 8pins to 6pins and vice versa though for those who have been stuck with 8pin connectors without a 6pin option or 6pins without a 8pin option on their Power Supplys.
Also fan cables that have like 3xpin or 4pin to X-Amount of 3pins or 4pins, Be weary of your fans for how many Amps they draw, as your Headers can only pull so much, I would suggest putting these on a 4pin Molex connector if possible to prevent Header overheating as this is a risk with ANY brand header Y Cable.

I would rate these ModRight Black-Out series cables a 4/5, they do their job, and perform how they should while the competitive price against similar or sleeved cables are lower.
Need I remind you These are NOT SLEEVED as alot of people still prefer Non-Sleeved Over Sleeved.

Priced at a fair affordable price
Fan Extensions are not bulky what so ever
Blacks out everything.
Clean and simple styling
Cables are Bare without Nothing else on them such as Sleeving, or heatshrink adding more to the cables then neccessary.

Some extensions can be rediculusly Long. Would prefer maybe a 8inch or 6inch cables option over the 12inch for Pci-E/ATX 24pin for smaller Cases.
PCI-E Cables dont have something such as 8pin to 6/8pin connection compatabilities incase of future upgrade needing a 8pin if current only uses 6pin.

Just what I would like to note, as I don’t think it would be appropriate to list EVERY Single cable, Please check them all out at the link below.
(Or Buy from below link at FrozenCPU.Com so you dont have to search)
If you see a cable and would like me to look at it for you, Please let me know and I’ll try to get something up for you.


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