ModRight Modmat Review

Hello Everyone!
Today I am reviewing the ModRight ModMat thanks to FrozenCPU


First here is some Details about it…
1200mm x 600mm which is over 47″ x 23
Anti-Static Wrist Strap Included (26″ unstretched)
Grounding Wire Clip Included (26″ unstretched)
Oversized Work Area Allows All Parts To Be Laid Out Safely Making Installation Easier.
Surface Safe For ALL COMPONENTS Including PCB Boards, RAM, VGA Cards, and Expansion Cards.
Non Scratch Surface Keeps High Finish Parts and Side Panels From Blemish (aka liquid cooling radiators, custom mod parts, and Window Panels)
Easy Transport Carrying Box w/ Handle
Fan Spacing Chart From 40mm to 140mm
Inch and Millimeter Rulers For Handy Measurements
Snaps for Anti-static Strap and Ground are Now Moved to the Top For More Work Space.

Heres some Pictures of the packaging

This is a anti-static mat/Workspace,(To me at-least) for your computer hardware Handling the need to keep your components safe outside of the box.
Its made of Rubber so straight off it will not conduct static, It comes with TWO snap in Grounding points that are so to say Stapled in but not with staples.

Also have included a Grounding strap with a Elastic wrist strap to attach to yourself to the mod-mat, also a alligator Clip from the mod-mat to the case.
The length of these cables alone are More then enough to do anything on the surface, including extra length if you have to grab something outside the area you are working on.

They even give you a nice little handle on the Box it comes in which seems durable as the package serves as a Case to the Mod-Mat and allows easy storage and carrying from place to place.

Now, as I said above, I did note that I said it was fine if they had a Miss Printed mod-mat and that it was fine to send it to me.

So as mine is misprinted, I can still tell its a 120mm/140mm fan ect. Because the corner of the fans lineup with the Center marker points in each circle for the fan holes.

This is just a nice handy thing to have on it just because if you have Smaller fans to larger fans, You can tell what each on is ESPECIALLY if you had them a long time and don’t have it labeled.
Also handy if you want to make something that fits each fan, like lets say a Side panel Acrylic window? You can make sure you dont make a mistake, as well as not scratch the surface if you need to drill the holes but have no way of Marking where first.

What I found that was maybe more useful to Modders then just a regular system builder is the fact it came with Inch and Millimeter rulers on it, and they are DEAD ACCURATE.
Which is Necessary if you make a ruler on any product because if it is Slightly off it can ruin what you are making.
There are 20inches on the Right side area 0inches to 20inches from top to bottom and 80CM on the are 0cm middle left bottom to 80cm the right bottom.
(First one is Inches, Second is Millimeters)

Now just to show you how big the space is, that’s 1200mm x 600mm which is over 47″ x 23

Its a Incredible amount of room for a anti-static work space, Here just to show you, it can fit quite a amount of hardware on it, but Im going to show you what it can fit regarding the Boxes everything comes in for a more FILLING area.
Sadly my case is Pretty huge as it is a Haf-X so I’m not going to include it due to picture reasons.

I fit two GPU boxes, a PSU box, and a E-ATX Motherboard Box with the Mod-Mat and 2 120mm fans with some room to spare still.

Putting it away is as easy as rolling it back up and putting it right in the box. The handle makes it easy to carry around.

Honestly, for 40$ from FrozenCPU you cant go wrong as you will pay MORE for less or Less for the same price.
If you were to buy another Mat similar to this, you can also be paying 3x the cost or even more some places.

I’ve had a wonderful experience with this ModMat from ModRight and I hope to see more amazing products from them in the upcoming years.
I would just simply have to say this is a MUST BUY for ANYONE.

There’s only one con and that would have to be…
-Preferably have the Grounding points Vertical instead of Horizontal to fit cases in that general area

Overall it has to get a 5/5

Since I also work on the Floor and stepped on it here and there, It was easy to clean off with just some wipes so if you get some TIM or something on it, will come off easily.

Please feel free to ask me something if you would like a Pic or Information regarding it in general.

Thanks for reading!


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