TT eSports Theron Mouse Review

Hello everyone, Today I shall be reviewing the Thermaltake Theron mouse.
Though I went OVERKILL for this review going into details. I just felt I needed to explain some things about how I felt personally as a Gamer and a User.

Of course I have to open up with the specs and Pictures for you readers though!

T.P.G. (Tt Pro Grade) Gaming Laser Sensor 5600 DPI Engine.
100 – 5600 DPI Adjustable: Fully Functional on Most Surfaces.
1.8 meters Braided USB Cable with Gold-Plated Connector.
40 Fully Customizable Macro Keys for RTS/FPS Game Genres.
Superb Customizable Graphical UI for Macro Keys, Advanced Performance, and Lighting-Effect Options.
7 Colors of Pause-Break Lighting Effect on the Dragon logo.
Side-light color changes by clicking frequency during Battle mode.
Industrial Grade Rubber-Coating Finish for better Hand Grip.
Polling rate switch button (125/500/1000 Hz cycle), and Function-Lock Button provided to disable side button functions.On-Board 128kb Memory Storage for 40 Macro Keys within 5 Game Profiles.
Weight-In Design for Perfect Handling Mouse Movement
5 x 4.5g, up to 22.5g max
Body Dimension (LxWxH): 123.65 X 73.8 X 40.2 (mm)

First I started the Pictures of the Theron packaging in its box, Below you can see.

Heres the accessories that came with it such as a carrying bag, Stickers, Warranty information guide, and the driver cd’s.

I then took some pictures of the mouse buttons and bottom.
I want to note, On the bottom of the mouse, The LOCK Switch… This is to LOCK the side buttons for Forward And Back COMPLETELY, This disables it from use In game and out. A nice feature though to be seen.
This does not lock the bottom of the mouse from removing the weights if you think that right off the bat.

As well as the Weight adjustment system they implimented so you can see the middle buttons for the DPI in the middle as well as the Forward and Back buttons, including on the right the extra button for your needs.
With the weight system, I found this as a nice balance, You can make one side heavier then the other,or you can take weight off from the mouse center. Both very nice ways to customize.

The DPI Level, I found the Typical 800/1600/3200/5000 for level 1-4 which are all Very nice balanced Dpi levels.
Below are 4 pics of how the mouse indicates the DPI Levels so you know what it is incase you choose to turn the software off so you dont see the Overlay while playing.

Here we can see 3 other different mouse I have of all sizes starting from left to right I shall name them.

Cooler Master Storm
Razer sc2 Spectre
Thermaltake Theron
Razer Mamba

As you can see, the Theron is Right between all of them, as the Spectre mouse is a little smaller then average, the Theron is obviously a Great size for every type of user.

Now I will get into the Software part of this review…

As for the Software, It was a Clean and easy layout to understand.
Once installed which was very simple, pop in the cd, install driver, Done…

You are at the menue, and see all that you really need to. I will now Explain all of them.

You see present your Profiles… Labeled each their own number.
You can customize them to certain games if you would like.

Lighting Options… A neat little way to customize your mouse to what you feel suits your mood or yourself.
One cool feature I saw was the Lightings Color Customization for each profile.
Lets say you have a certain profile for certain games…You also do not want the Overlay from the software to show up, well if you customize each profile and choose a Certain color you want to label it as and will remember for that game, You can close the software out and use the Profile button below and change your profile, and you will know what profile it is from the color you choose for the settings for that game.
I just found this cool and handy.

Performance… Heres where you set the mouse to your EXACT preference on the things you Most want.

You receive 4 levels of DPI Customization from 100-5000
You have 10 different Double click speeds, I stuck with the default on profile one of the 5th box.
Curor Speed (Slight adjustments to match your mouse to the prefered speed after DPI speed prefered)
Scroll Speed helps people in games alot as if you scroll your wheel down or up to fast and miss swapping to a weapon or something because of it, you can adjust how fast you scroll so this will help. Also nice for browsers ect.

Two different mouse modes
Normal is when you just want normal lighting with no fancy APM Function which Thermaltake refers to as your clicking frequency with the Battle mode

Battle mode is pretty much a APM setting lighting system. Refered to as I said clicking frequency from Thermaltake.

As you see from this picture, it also warns you when switching. Currently there is no way to use a Button to swap between Battle Mode and Normal Mode.

Before Reading on about macros, Please note, The picture of the mouse, you must Click what button you want to assign a Function.

your Key assignments for your macros

Basically, T Key is your Macro setup, this is where you input what key you want to use your macro on.

Single Key is just assigning a mouse button to a different function like the forward and back to left and right click.

Default just assigns it back to its default function.

Launch Program lets you assign a key to launch any program, lets say a game, or your VOIP program for communcating with your party/friends/guild on Ventrilo, or skype ect. Which I do =).

Now for the Macro setup when making them in the Macro Key tab.

You have things such as making a new Macro as well as Loading, Saving and deleting them.
Then the basics to making macros such as Record to start making it to what you do on your keyboard and mouse, such as setting a side button to do a numeric key like press 1.
Now for your delays, you can set them to what you want with the features for Adjusting Delay Time, Ignore Delay Time, and Insert Default Delay Time.
One thing I did not understand is the Reason to insert commands as it serves no real purpose to a gamer IMO, but you may think different. I just think these Commands would be more suited for the Single Key macro system then this.

So getting back on track to how the mouse is…
I see one feature on this mouse that I highly miss these days is if you look on the left and right click buttons Above at the begining of the review… you see the mouse bends upwards or curves to make a Small wall for your fingers.
This wall allows this mouse to be Highly comfortable and in general makes your finger not slip off, which happens quite often for people while gaming intensely.

One thing I immidiately did not like after putting my hand on the mouse was the palm area of the mouse.
I do not like it because this mouse having your hand rested completely on it is sort of uncomfortable, its because its not completely rounded, it curves into so to say a Triangle which forces it either to go into your palm which becomes easily tiring or makes your hand turn slanted which is also a bit tiring on the hand.
This will not effect Claw and Finger tip grip styles.

Another thing though is I would not find this as a flaw, but to me it is… The Forward button on the mouse (top side button) is out of reach with the thumb on a Palm grip to where I could get my hand comfortable.
I use both buttons in some games but its not that big of a deal but for those who want to utilize the ability to Palm grip and use both buttons, it may be difficult.

The added button on the right side of the mouse at the top, is PERFECT. I personally use only two fingers for my mouse soley for left and right click, I do not use the middle scroll wheel for any functions in the games I play, with that said, The side button on the right is EASILY accessable and can be activated with the movement of my Ring Finger upwards from my grip style.
It may be a bit difficult for claw grip types but its still Doable, just have to adjust.

A key feature to this mouse though as I stated above about the mouse having walls on the left and right click is the fact you can EASILY learn how to play Claw grip if you want to learn, It felt the most Comfortable with enough rooms for my fingers.

One thing I would change not regarding the mouse design its self is the Softwares Overlay. Maybe make a Adjustment to the Icons Size and all that and make it moveable, or even disable certain Overlay icons that you dont need to see, but want to also see like only DPI increase/decrease ect.

Overall at the Price of $69.99
I put easily 50+ Hours on this mouse and Enjoyed it. Of Course there were a few flaws to my tastes but none the less a High quality product in my eyes and Recommend it.
This mouse was not just made for professional gamers, This is a mouse Everyone can use with Ease.

Honestly, I would rate this at a 4.5/5 regardless of the cons.

Flexable for different grips
Right Button Placement
Simple configuration of Software
Profile Lighting
ThumbRest Comfortable
Lighting Feature Completely Customizable
Very Responsive
Size for everyone
Weight Adjustment & Layout

Triangular Palm Rest
DPI Buttons a bit wide
Forward Button not Reachable on Palm grip


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