Avexir Blitz 1.1 Review

Getting my hands on some goodies from a previous review…I take a look at the new Avexir Blitz 1.1 Memory!

Posted Image

I received a kit containing 7 different variations of their Blitz 1.1 memory at 1600mhz

System specs I used was:

i7 2600k stock settings 3.4ghz (3.8ghz Turbo Boost)
Asus Maximus IV Extreme P67 B3rev
AIO 240mm CPU Water Cooler
Coolermaster HAF X Case
Corsair HX 850 PSU
Kingston 120GB SSD

The memory specs were the following:

DDR3 1600 CL9 4GB sample for review
Which I assume is the following below
AVEXIR AVD3U16000904G-2BZ1 Blitz Series 8GB Kit (4GB x 2) dual channel 240-pin DDR3 1600MHz 9-9-9-24 DIMM desktop memory module.

Of course I’m missing one stick to make 2 complete sets so I can be wrong.
I got one from each set which is the Original, MPOWER, OC Formula, L337 Red, L337 Gold, Ultra Durable Green, and Ultra Durable Orange.

CL(IDD) 9 cycles
Row Cycle Time (tRCmin) 36ns (min.)
Refresh toActive/Refresh
Command Time (tRFCmin) 240ns
RowActive Time (tRASmin) 24ns (min.)
Power 1.800 W (operating per module)
ULRating 94 V – 0
Operating Temperature 0? to 85?
Storage Temperature

JEDEC standard 1.5V± 0.075VPowerSupply
VDDQ = 1.5V ± 0.075V
800MHz fCKfor 1600Mb/sec/pin
8 independent internal bank
Programmable CASLatency: 7,8,9,10,11
Posted CAS
ProgrammableAdditive Latency: 0, CL – 2, or CL – 1 clock
Programmable CAS Write Latency(CWL) = 8 (DDR3-1600K)
8-bit pre-fetch
Burst Length: 8 (Interleave)without any limit, sequential with starting address “000” only), 4 with tCCD = 4 which does not allow seamless read or write [either on the fly usingA12 or MRS]
Bi-directional Differential Data Strobe
Internal(self) calibration : Internal self calibration through ZQ pin (RZQ: 240 ohm ± 1%)
On Die Termination using ODT pin
Average Refresh Period 7.8us at lower than TCASE 85?, 3.9us at 85? < TCASE = 95?
Asynchronous Reset
PCB: Height 1.180″(30.00mm), double sided component

Extra Features
Intel and AMD Chipset motherboards Optimized
Every Avexir Memory is 100% tested on PC motherboard environment
Dynamic white LED light
High conductive light guide bar
High performance voltage stabilizing generator
AIST (every single IC examined by AVEXIR IC Sorting Technology)
Golden Finger Protector
8 layers PCB for maximum thermal conduction
Double Copper PCB to maximized overclocking ability

Taking a peek at the packaging It was made of some sort of Cardboard it seemed, but was durable.
Before taking some photo’s I took some Antibacterial wipes to it about 8 times and it withstood them, As the packaging was pretty much a fingerprint magnet from the coating

Showing the front and back (Top and bottom),The backside shows both features of Gamers and Overclockers, which is nice as they thought of Both.

Posted Image
The sides of the packaging with a saying of “what we believe is how we behave” and of course their company name logo.
Posted Image
Opening it up, we see the memory (may be different depending on what set you buy) in the foam to hold it in place during shipping ect. Covered by white Golden Finger Protector (you can’t see in the pic)
Posted Image
Seeing the Memory it’s self now, We start off with the Avexir Original! Best suited towards Asus ROG Motherboards, or possibly just anything red like MSI if preferred, The LED that is used on this specific memory is White.
This one was my Favorite, I love the design and look of it in general and was just in Awe when I saw it.
Posted Image
Now we have the MSI MPower memory from Avexir, It obviously is Yellow to match their MPower Series and equipped with a Blue LED to also go with their Lightning GPU’s that had the Blue LED on them.
Posted Image
Following was the ASRock OC Formula memory from Avexir, showing off the black and gold combination for ASRock OC Formula motherboards, it uses a Gold LED to light up the system while in use.
Posted Image
Onto the ECS Series, We have two different types, One for the Red and one for the Gold motherboards allowing you to match, The L337 Red uses a Red LED, and the L337 Gold uses a Yellow LED if I am correct (Looks Gold anyways).
Posted Image
Last up is the Gigabyte Ultra Durable Green, which uses a Green LED, and the Ultra Durable Orange which uses a Orange LED.
Posted Image
Enough with the waiting, Let’s see what they look like in use!
Going from Left to Right, L337 RED(Red), L337 Gold(gold), OC Formula(gold/yellow), Avexir Original(White)
Posted Image
Then Left to Right is the Ultra Durable Green(Green), Ultra Durable Orange(Orange), MPower(Blue) and to have it in there the Avexir Original(White)
Posted Image
Of course, These would brighten up any Gamers, Enthusiast, Casemodder, You name it… Computer up with Fantastic Eye pleasing visuals.
The color choices were amazingly well balanced for the LED’s used and found them to be a match Perfectly towards their respected motherboards.
Of course I did not have the motherboards so I looked at examples used in events they showcased them for reference.A feature some may not recognize right away regardless is the 2 screws to remove the heatspreader.
Why you ask? Simple… The screws allow the users “Usually Overclockers” to EASILY REMOVE the Heatspreaders and put their own Setup on it for something like…LN2? Or even a Modder to make their own logo and design if they are
creative enough and use the LED Light Bar spreader .I took a shot at removing one of the heatspreaders, and it came off no problem.
Remove the two screws, Hold the sides firmly while pulling on the LED Bar, and that’s all it takes.A note I want to make is that I had to remove the Memory directly pulling on the PCB instead of how I usually do it by the Heatspreader, because the Heatspreaders would come off completely almost, and I had to slide them back on.so I arn everyone in case something does not change…
Avexir did inform me they use a not so sticky thermal pad so everyone can have ease of mind, but personally I did not like this as it felt just too easy to remove and some may be scared to this happening such as possibilities of Voiding warranty ect.

Posted Image
Seeing how it performs, I do not have a variety to work with so I did a stand alone this time with this memory.
all memory sometimes need better tweaking so I do not advise you to use my settings, but more to get a idea what the memory can do.
Using MaxxMem, I ran Benchmarks at 3 Different speeds, First at XMP default, Then 1866OC  as well as a 2133OC.
Going from the pictures you can see below the timings were not that bad, and I ran all at 1.5v, Of course.
Posted Image
With each OC, You gained performance and better latency even if by a little.
So in general, I feel these are a great start for people looking to learn while also having multipurpose use, and of course the eye candy in the system.
Using my results, you can possibly compare them to other memory on the market to see if it’s worth buying for the speed as well as the appearance.So to end the review…
Overall, I enjoyed the time I spent with this kit because it showed a Variety, and had great features for a lot of different buyers.
It overclocked well enough to where even I who can’t overclock if my life depended on it could get a pretty solid OC.
Performance wise, it was above average from what I seen on the market. Not looking too hard into it but still seeing in my eyes they were outperforming competitors in some areas with similar speeds and timings.There’s really not much to say besides this is Great performing memory, that has more than one use and looks great doing them.
For my rating I have to give it a 4.5/5
This is one of my better experiences with memory, and while the lighting adds to the wow factor, it does not take away performance and it looks great doing its job.
The memory also comes with a Lifetime warranty which stands behind their product. Of course warranties don’t usually cover damage you cause so be sure to read the terms!
With their designs to match motherboards of the buyers, it appeals very well to companies and consumers who use the memory.One major thing I would probably wish they would look into is possibly getting better screws or screw setup for the memory heatspreader, as they felt like they stay loose and can easily be lost and just as bad stripped easily. Also a possibility as to why the heatspreader would slide off incase they loosened over time.
Regarding pricing, you need to check out Avexirs website, as they have not hit E-Tailers Yet, But a kit can cost from around 80$ and upwards, depending Customization as well as Speed/Timings.
Avexir offers special customization’s like their core series regarding Dynamic and Static LED’s, Part Model with your Name or a different customization like your business for example.

LED’s for lighting (not too bright)
Each memory type matches it’s motherboard
Easily Removable Heatspreader
lifetime warranty
build quality
Static and Dynamic lighting options (LED Stays on/LED Blinks)
Customization (through Avexir website)
Non-sticky thermal pads
Pricing can get costly (depending on customization as well from avexir website)
screws seemed cheap (for removing the heatspreader)

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