Hello, My name is Cody Irwin and I made this blog to post my reviews over time that I have had the opportunity to do working with companies.
My goal was to give a non standard review website review as what I like to call a Community Review, which I see as given the chance to test and review a product for a company and spread it over communities that I am in good terms with and enjoy a different view on a product.

I do not consider myself as a review site, if anything just a blog and I share my “Blog” across the forums.

I usually go under the name of ForceFedFlesh on forums, or rarely Cody_Irwin or CIrwin, so you can see where the ForceFedTech name came in hah.
Over time I have contact companies, or have been contacted from them, as well as friends in the industry of reviewing to get the chance to review products, Hence where my reviews come from and I appreciate the opportunities and the trust built that I am able to do so for them.

If you want to contact me and discuss something, or to review a product, please email me at ForceFedFleshGaming@gmail.com  (This email is strictly for this website as I use my personal email speaking directly to companies I personally contact).


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